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I help fashion ecommerce brands bring in more traffic and revenue with SEO.

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Is Your Fashion Brand Struggling to Bring in Organic Traffic?

SEO in the fashion ecommerce space is challenging. You’re competing with a ton of other fashion brands, including some big players.

It is possible to compete in Google in the fashion industry. You just need to have the right SEO strategy in place.

My 4 Step Approach

Each of these steps are equally important in carrying out an effective SEO strategy. Following this process with my fashion SEO services allows me to get results time and time again for my clients.

Full SEO Audit

The SEO audit essentially creates the roadmap. This will help me identify untapped opportunities to attack on your site.

Keyword Database

I use the keyword database to determine which keywords to target. I'll then map the keywords to existing or future pages.

Content Creation

Building content assets is important. The two biggest reasons are to target new keywords and to build topical authority.

Authority Building

Getting publishers in the fashion industry to link to your site is how you'll build authority. You need links from relevant sites.

Why is My Fashion SEO Company Different?

Don't Just Take my Word For It

My Clients Love Working With Me

Check out some of my results

My Clients win, Period.

clothing brand seo results

211% Organic Traffic Increase in 7 Months

$60k/Month Organic Revenue Increase in 8 Months

fashion brand improved revenue by 60k with seo
286% organic traffic increase for fashion brand

286% Organic Traffic Increase in 6 Months

262% Organic Traffic Increase in 8 Months

0-2,200 website visitors for fashion brand

From 0 to 2,200/Month Organic Websites Visitors in 5 Months 

Ready For More Organic Traffic and Revenue?

Next Steps

Schedule a Strategy Call

We'll talk about your fashion brand and I'll give you my intial thoughts on how you can improve your organic presence.

Receive the Game Plan

I'll lay out everything that needs to be done to improve your organic traffic and revenue, including investment amount.

Start Getting More Traffic and Revenue

If you like the game plan, we'll get started ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Fashion SEO different than other industries?

The level of competition is a big reason fashion SEO is different. You absolutely need to find a way to stand out if you want to bring in organic traffic.

The fashion industry is constantly changing. You need to be able to keep your SEO strategy up-to-date and target the keywords that people are searching right now.

What makes your fashion SEO services different?

I focus specifically on working with fashion brands. I’ve helped many other fashion brands like yours improve their traffic and revenue with SEO.

My focus isn’t just about getting any traffic. My strategy is designed to bring in traffic to your pages that convert well and impact your revenue.

How fast does SEO work?

This is the age old SEO question. There are a ton of factors that go into this. The level of competition for your target keywords and budget for new content and backlinks plays a big role in this.

Working with an SEO consultant who has experience in the fashion industry is only getting to speed up the process. 

I aim to target lower competition keywords from the start in order to get an ROI from SEO as soon as possible.